Pokemon Voyage was officially launched on January 8, 2012 (PV Alpha was released in December 2011). It is a fan based, free, Pokemon role playing game. The purpose of this website is to provide people a place to hang out, and experience a new side of Pokemon. The website is programmed and maintained by "Kakashi" [Hassan Khan]. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to send an email to admin@pokemonvoyage.com

Legal Disclaimer

We do not claim to own Pokemon, nor are affiliated with Nintendo/Game Freak Inc./Creatures Inc. The website is made by a fan, for fans. We do not make any profit from this website. It is free to play, and will always be free. All the Pokemon sprites and avatars found on the game are owned by Nintendo, and their respective partners. These images are used under a "Fair Use" policy. Some Pokemon sprites have been modified to fit the purpose of this game, and credits for those modifications can be found in the "Credits" section below. We serve humble advertisements to cover hosting costs. If you have any legal inquiries, then please feel free to email admin@pokemonvoyage.com


Pokemon Voyage is programmed and maintained by "Kakashi" [Hassan Khan]. Some aspects of the in-game Pokemon trade system [create & complete trades] were originally programmed by "iPokemon" [Bennett Treptow], for Pokemon Voyage v1. They have since been modified by "Kakashi" to fit the purposes of Pokemon Voyage v2.


The content on Pokemon Voyage is the collective effort of some of our members. Where stated, trainer renders, are hand drawn by "Ghost" [Lori H.]. We encourage you to visit her page on DeviantArt and check out her other work. Pokemon sprite modifications have been done by "Kakashi," "Zarquad" [Zarwan Hashem], "Axis" [J.R.], and "Ghost." Majority of in-game achievement names, as well as tasks, were suggested by "Canine" [M.F.].

Some aspects of Pokemon Voyage were inspired by "Zarquad," in which we had his full collaboration. These include, but are not limited to, finding relevant content and pictures online, valuable data entry, advice regarding Pokemon details, advice regarding certain features, and creating Pokemon maps. Valuable data entry was also done by "Axis."

Privacy Policy

Pokemon Voyage collects a variety of information from users. This information is securely stored in our database, and will never be sold and/or publicly posted. We collect users' email addresses, IP addresses, information regarding browsers, operating systems, time spent online, etc. This information is simply for us to better understand our audience, and serve their needs accordingly. We use third party social gateways, such as Chatango, which store cookies on our users' machines. Pokemon Voyage only collects information for the duration of a user's visit.

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